Half Trick

Irreverent reinventions of untouchable classics.
Kiwi company based in Edinburgh.


Upcoming & available for programming

Waiting for Wonka - A Semi Staged Play Reading

90 minutes
19:30 @ The Voodoo Rooms: The Speakeasy
May 29

An original new play about capitalism, wonder, parental abuse, faith, growing up, magic, and chocolate.Fifteen years after the competition that ruined their lives, five damaged adults try to understand what happened to them as children.
This is a semi-staged reading of a new original script, where we will invite audience feedback and response.
'Trauma informed post-Wonka comedy''One of the smartest and funniest bits of theatre I've ever seen'

The Faustus Project

60 minutes
22:30 @ C Arts / C Alto / Venue 40
August 1-25 (odd dates)

An actor has made a deal with the devil. One of theatre’s greatest roles, Dr Faustus, all theirs to perform. One problem: they’ve never rehearsed with the rest of the cast and things seem to be spiralling out of control.Carnage, chaos and comedy, The Faustus Project is funny, a little dangerous, and an actor’s worst nightmare. With a fresh victim... I mean actor... every night... Faustus is the ultimate torture for all of your Fringe Favorites.A version of Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus where there’s a new Faustus every night. They’ve never rehearsed with the cast, and have their script in their magic spellbook so they don’t get lost. But the company has devised challenging ways of staging the scene that force the guest to think on their feet. Sometimes funny, sometimes terrifying. This show was a hit in Auckland New Zealand in 2017 and is sure to delight Fringe audiences.

Antonio's Revenge

60 minutes
22:30 @ C Arts / C Alto / Venue 40
July 31st + August 2-24 (even dates)

Dad's dead. Mum’s shagging his killer. Girlfriend's crazy. Then Dad’s ghost appears, crying for revenge. What else does one do but start killing? Antonio makes Hamlet look like a little bitch. This rarely-performed Early Modern hidden gem from John Marston is batsht insane, featuring everything you'd expect from a Jacobethan revenge tragedy: feigned insanity, an evil duke, an all-knowing fool, a smoking-hot mum, a ghost dad, a sad girlfriend locked in prison, a plucky kid who’s definitely gonna get murdered, and, of course, cannibalism.In academia it has often been debated whether John Marston intended this work as a parody of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Regardless, we will be performing it as one. Our tone will be gory, irreverent and playful."Rude, crude, and theatrically unglued" Rick Bowers


Courtney Bassett

Co-director / Performer

She/herFresh off of her ‘excellent’ and ‘impeccable’ performance in EdFringe 2023 in Alone at Assembly, Courtney is eager to return to the Fringe. She has performed with New Zealand’s prestigious Auckland Theatre Company, as well as many productions at the beloved indie darling of Auckland, Basement Theatre. She holds a Masters Degree in Screen Writing and a morbid fascination with all things dark and fantastical.

Caden Scott

Co-director / Performer

He/him, she/herAs an actor, has performed with Auckland Theatre Company, across a broad range of New Zealand television series, and in smash-hit webseries Nothing Much To Do. As a director, assisted with Much Ado About Nothing at the Pop-up Globe, worked with Auckland Summer Shakespeare, was a founding member of Stray Theatre Company, and has a strong background in devised and immersive work.

James Jennifer Wright

Artist / Designer

They/them, she/herCreature artist & artist creature. AUT Digital Design grad, technical assistant on the original season of Alone, and animated an ad campaign for Air New Zealand among other cool stuff. Illustrator, animator, game designer, web designer, seamstress, amateur biologist - fingers in so many different pies that the banquet had to be called off entirely due to breaches of food safety regulations.

Alex Medland

Key creative / Performer

She/herAlex Medland (Kai Tahu) is an actor and writer based in Edinburgh. In 2019, she trained at The John Bolton Theatre School in Melbourne and since then has performed on screen, TVNZ’s ‘The Doghouse’ and in several theatre shows including Touch Compass’s ‘AIGA’, GLORIANA’s ‘The Maid’s Tragedy’ and touring Aotearoa with Duffy Books ‘Duffy in Bubble Trouble’.

Luke Thornborough


He/himKey producer on the award winning production of ‘ALONE’ that played at Assembly Studio One for a full run in 2023. With over ten years of experience, Luke Thornborough works as a producer for stage and screen in New Zealand and has successfully toured shows to the UK and Australia as well as having international success with a number of short films.


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